Master Stylist ~  Thyra Shore

Thyra Sanft was born and raised on the beautiful Nova Scotia South Shore, Shortly after graduating High School at PVEC, Bridgewater, she decided to head to the city to pursue her dreams.
In 2005, shortly after completing classes at NSCC in Mixology, Interior Decorating and Fashion Design, Thyra moved to Alberta to attain her education for the beauty industry.
It was at Artist’s Within, Calgary AB that she first received diplomas in Hair Design, Makeup Artistry and Air Brushing.
Thyra’s thirst for advanced education landed her in Vancouver, BC. To further her career, Thyra studied the art of Hair intensely at AXIS Hair Studio, with John Casablanca International, receiving her hairstylist diploma.
On return home to Halifax, NS, consistently pursuing advanced classes in cutting, coloring, extensions, and hair design, Thyra will keep striving to achieve the latest methods and techniques for her clients, as well as the top trends for every season.
“It’s my motivation, my focus and what keeps my clients happy. I’m always happy to learn a new way of doing an old technique, or just learning something’s very inspiring!”
Thyra’s drive comes from her creative lifestyle, as well as the strong business sense that was instilled in her at an early age. Thyra’s young, yet brilliant career is inspired by continual education, positive attitude and constructive inspirations around her, in-turn keeping her motivated and striving for continued success.

Now married, and co-owner of RBS, (Ripple Beauty Studio) Thyra has exuberant expectations for her industry and salon. "This isn't just a job, its my career and income. I love each and every guest that walks through my door, and they become our family.
I expect to be there for their greatest success' and to pick them up when they are down and out... Its incredibly satisfying pampering guests everyday, and seeing how uplifted they are when they leave our studio."

RJ Shore ~ Owner

 Ron Shore was born & raised in Sackville, NS. 

Having a passion for metal craftsmanship & a fascination with how things are made, he has pursued his dreams becoming a machinist. 

Passionate about everything he does, RJ perfects not only his work, but is a perfectionist in everyday life. He is caring about our guests, and takes pride in creating more effective business practices, as well as making the salon work efficiently, and maintaining it to make sure it is perfect for each guest. 

Handy with his tools, he has constructed a room not only beautiful, but eco-consious. "We free-cycle when we can. The vanity, was an old desk, that RJ decided to turn into a beautiful & practical  workspace! "

He also dabbles in freelance machining & jewlery creating beautiful custom pieces.. which we hope to make available in the future, to our guests.